History of Economic Recessions – Dot-Com Bubble Burst 6/7

Dot-Com Bubble Burst The dot-com bubble refers to the speculative bubble that took place in Information Technology and communication type industries during the late 1990s, until it’s collapse in 2000/2001. Western nations saw an increase in their total value, and a very rapid growth of GDP resulting from technology companies growing at speculative rates. “A … [Read more…]

Nauru to Support Abkhazian Independence

The Republic of Nauru, a small 21 square kilometre pacific island nation comprising of approximately 11,000 people has thrown its support behind the independence of the autonomous republic of Abkhazia, officially recognizing the regions independence from Georgia on Tuesday December 15th, 2009. This follows reports by Russian newspapers on December 14th, 2009 that Nauru was seeking $50 million … [Read more…]