Are DECT Telephones worth it from an economic perspective?

dect telephone economics book

DECT telephones are particularly popular in private households, but they are also being used more and more in many offices. Because they give consumers a certain comfort that normal desk telephones cannot offer them. But what are DECT telephones and what is it about electromagnetic radiation? This and more you will learn in this guide.
A DECT telephone is a cordless telephone that uses the DECT radio standard. The abbreviation DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. The DECT standard was introduced in the early 1990s and determines how signals are transmitted wirelessly.

Since cordless telephones work with radio beams, they can only be used within a certain radius of the base station. If the range to the base station is too great, it is no longer possible to make calls. For this reason, DECT Telephone (german: DECT Telefone) is also referred to as the standard for location-based cordless telephony. However, there are considerable differences in range depending on the model. High-quality devices have an average range of up to 50m indoors and up to 300m outdoors. With other models, however, the radio connection often breaks down much earlier. You should definitely take this fact into account when making your purchase decision. However, the use of a so-called repeater allows you to increase the range.

So, why not simply use your flatrate on your mobile phone? Its a waste of resources and time if you think about buying an dect telephone. Just get a descent mobile carrier and you can phone for almost free.

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