Easy and fast selfmade Hairstyles in 2020

Do you stand in front of the mirror again and again and wonder what you should do with your beautiful, long hair?

How often do we say how great and above all versatile long hairare, but end up with the zero-eight-fifteen-horsetail again and again!? We seem too complicated braided and high-cut hairstyles. Straight translated from frisurenmachen.de, so have fun while reading!

The first Hairstyle
The blogger BunThe twisted high-cut hairstyle
The intricate braidsThe Banana Hairstyle
4 Different Hairstyles for every women

In this article I show you simple high-cut hairstyles, which you can wear both in the job, for example in the evening for dinner or for a round birthday in the family. All three are not only easy, but also ruckzuck made and make you appear as real hair pros.

The blogger Bun

or his swashthed variant, the Messy Bun (In German: Hochsteckfrisur für kurze Haare) – is probably all mastered by now. Here comes a stylish version, which means hardly more effort, but turns your dutt into a noble work of art. You can basically wear this high-cut hairstyle anywhere. However, since it does not fit under all the caps and hoods, my tip for you: Reach for the self-knitted headband to keep your ears warm outside.

The twisted high-cut hairstyle

This hairstyle looks more complicated than it is. Basically, it consists of six twisted braids, which are put up one after the other. This high-cut hairstyle works best with wavy or curly hair, as it has more grip. If you have smooth hair like me, it works the day after washing your hair or when you prepare it with salt spray. Depending on how accurate you are, the hairstyle can look elegant or casual and is wearable on a wide variety of occasions.

The intricate braids

A good starting point for high-cut hairstyles, are braids, which are taken up in different ways. Here I show you an easy variant, which looks complicated and scares impression, but is made quickly.

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