The Economy of Websites, or How to measure website Worth

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If you want to buy or sell a website, you’re usually not sure what exactly it’s worth. You don’t want to pay too much for a purchase and you don’t want to charge too little when you sell.

economy of websites in 2020

But how do you find out what a website is worth? What factors should be considered?

In this article, I’ll present different approaches to how to calculate the value of a blog or website. I also present a few services to help.

Most start a blog or website themselves and then try to make money by installing advertising, affiliate links, Google AdSense, etc. But it doesn’t always work out as you want, you lose your appetite for the website or you want to concentrate on other projects.

Then there are the possibilities to make money with this website or the blog in other ways, e.g. by selling the blog or the website profitably.

But there are also many who do not want to start from scratch, but want to buy an existing blog or website in order to develop it further and make money with it. Some even buy websites cheaply, expand them further and then sell them profitably.

Whether you buy or sell websites and blogs, the question always arises as to how to determine the right price/value.

Is there the right price?

If you take a page, for example Frisuren machen with “Hochsteckfrisuren kurze Haare” you can calculate the worth easily. As you can see you can analyse every page no matter the language. Lets check out You see the actuall worth is not the price asked. Its the same like with famous actors, or houses.

First of all, it has to be said that there is no RIGHT price. With such rather difficult-to-define values, such as that of a website, there will always be different results. If you negotiate with different buyers/sellers, you will probably also come to different purchase prices.

It is important to be aware of what you want at least or what you want to pay as much as possible. Whether a buyer/seller participates or even goes beyond that is then a matter of negotiation.

The following is about how to determine the value of a website or blog (halfway accurate) using different methods.

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