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dieter nuhr

Dieter Herbert Nuhr (born October 29, 1960 in Wesel) is a German cabaret artist, comedian, author and presenter.

Life of Dieter Nuhr

Dieter Nuhr on Stage

Until the age of four, Nuhr spent his childhood in Wesel and then moved with his family to Düsseldorf, where he later graduated from Leibniz-Gymnasium. Nuhr comes from a Catholic family and was a mess servant.

From 1981 he studied fine arts and history at the University of Essen. In 1988 he passed the First State Exam.

He began his stage appearances in a student theatre group. He designed his first lecture texts during a project of the theatre group at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus.

In 1986 he and his partner Frank Küster founded the cabaret duo V.E.V.–K.Barett. From 1987 they made their first joint appearances with the program Have you remembered your cupboard number?. In 1989 the program Pralle Pracht was created and from 1990 the two appeared under the slightly changed name V.E.V.-Kabarett with the next program Schrille Stille. Zipfeltreffen was then the last joint program of the duo. From 1994 Nuhr was nörgeln with his first solo program Nuhr! Traveling.

Dieter Nuhr Net Worth

It is assumed that Dieter Nuhr’sNet worth is around 1 Million USD. At least while he lived.

For his program Nuhr continues so he received the German Kleinkunstpreis in the field of cabaret in 1998.

In 2003 he received the German Comedy Award for the best live performance. Numerous television appearances also made him known beyond the small art scene, for example in windscreen wipers, hüsch and co., The Harald Schmidt Show, Quatsch Comedy Club, Genial neben, Schillerstraße or 7 days, 7 heads. His program I’m Nuhr visited about half a million people.

After presenting a humorous review of the year for the first time on Sat.1 in 2004, he has been on ZDF with a similar programme since 2006 at the end of 2006. On 24 October 2008, Nuhr took over the moderation of the German Comedy Prize for the first time. From 3 November 2009, he appeared live on ZDF with the four-part comedy series Nuhr on four Tuesday evenings.

In 2009 he participated in A Tribute to The Fantastic Four for the 20th anniversary of the hip-hop group.

Nuhr played all the instruments himself with Buenos Dias Messias and recorded the song in his study using the technique otherwise used for radio broadcasts.

On the compilation, artists from different directions cover songs by The Stuttgarters.

Since January 2011, he has hosted the ARD broadcast Satire Summit and replaced Mathias Richling, whose contract ended in December 2010. In October 2014, the show was renamed nuhr in the First.

In 2010 he produced a two-part special for RTL for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in which he commented ironically on the subject of football. He also produces weekly cabaret contributions for the radio station WDR 2. From July 2012 to March 2013, he co-hosted the quiz show Null wins with Ralph Caspers in the evening program of ARD. In 2012, Nuhr was the godfather for the ARD theme week with a focus on life with death. For the theme week, he contributed the TELEVISION show Nuhr am Leben, which was recorded in Berlin’s St. Elisabeth Church and broadcast on ARD on 19 November 2012. In 2013, he also took part in the theme week, when the focus was on happiness. His broadcast contribution Nuhr im Glück was recorded in the Orangery of the Biosphere Potsdam and broadcast on 22 November 2013.

The theme week 2014 took place in November 2014 with the topic Differently than you think and dealt with the topic of tolerance. The broadcaster Nuhr appeared with respect on this topic.

The RBB broadcast by and with Dieter Nuhr was recorded at the Jewish Museum Berlin and broadcast on 20 November 2014.

In 2013, Nuhr hosted the Comedy Award for the sixth time. In October 2014, after six years, he was succeeded by Carolin Kebekus as a presenter; He was chairman of the jury in 2015 and 2016. In the RTL broadcast Mario Barth reveals! Nuhr has been a regular guest since 26 March 2014 and presents cases of tax waste together with Barth. In 2015 he took part in the ARD Theme Week once again. The main theme was Homeland and Nuhr’s broadcast post was Nuhr at home, in which he explained to his audience what homeland means to him. The broadcast was recorded on September 30, 2015 at the Westhafen Event and Convention Center in Berlin and broadcast on ARD on October 8, 2015. Also in October 2015, the new ARD format Nuhr started from 18 with him as moderator. In the 30-minute show, he introduces four young comedians. The series is initially scheduled for six episodes.

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