Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing

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The huge barb-wired fences that used to separate Egypt from the Gaza Strip have finally been opened. The barrier, which completely encircles the Gaza Strip, was erected between 1994 and 2005 in accordance with the Oslo Accords and the Interim Agreement on the Gaza Strip and Westbank signed by the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The barrier was torn down by fighting and replaced in 2001, and soldiers have the authority to shoot and kill anyone they see trying to cross without permission. The Strip is controlled by Hamas, a military political organization. The Gaza Strip has been, since 2005, effectively shut off from the outside world. Continue reading ‘Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing.’

Egypt Allows Humanitarian Entry to Gaza

According to security officials in the area, Egypt on Wednesday reopened the Rafah crossing, bordering the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, to allow humanitarian efforts to pass through and the sick to evacuate. The crossing will be open for two days, Cairo says. Continue reading ‘Egypt Allows Humanitarian Entry to Gaza.’

Hamas: Israel Stalling Prisoner Swap

An expected prisoner swap through which captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit would be freed in exchange for 1450 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails is being blocked by Israel, Hamas said today. Continue reading ‘Hamas: Israel Stalling Prisoner Swap.’

Hamas Expects Prisoner Swap

A statement Monday by Hamas, or the Islamic Resistance Movement, indicated that a potential trading of prisoners with their rivals Israel could occur soon should both sides accept the conditions of the transfer. The move would see the release of around 1,450 Palestinian prisoners currently being held in Israeli jails. Continue reading ‘Hamas Expects Prisoner Swap.’



Think Money: ‘give attention to retirement planning’

Think Money: ‘give attention to retirement planning’

Read about some new research from financial services company, Think Money, about occupational pension schemes.

Lies of Obama: Credibility or Charisma?

Lies of Obama: Credibility or Charisma?

Barack Obama has not lived up to his promises — claims of change and credibility were seemingly just shows of charisma and ego. From claims of restoring confidence in government to discussion of balanced budgets, accountability and general reform; it seems clear only now that none of this is likely to occur.