G20: Emerging Economies Gain Representation

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At the upcoming G20 summit in London on April 2nd, there are promises that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will amend its representation regime to better include developing nations, an expert with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) says. Continue reading ‘G20: Emerging Economies Gain Representation.’

The Causes of Crisis

G20 leaders are set to meet in London for the Summit on April 2nd, with an increasingly lengthy list of regulatory and rule-concerned topics to resolve during a time of economic uncertainty. When the focus should be on economic stabilization and restoration, the focus is on economic reform, yet again. Continue reading ‘The Causes of Crisis.’

EU Meet to Discuss Financial Crisis

The leaders of European Union (EU) member countries have convened today to begin a two-day conference ahead of the G20 summit in London on April 2nd. They convene to draw up a united European front for tackling the financial crisis, to be presented to the other members of the Group of 20 developed and developing economies. Continue reading ‘EU Meet to Discuss Financial Crisis.’

Flaherty Praises G20 Leaders for Commitment

Canada’s Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, said Saturday that the significant commitment seen from international leaders — with specific focus on President Obama — to “end the economic crisis” and to “deal with toxic assets” is praiseworthy. Continue reading ‘Flaherty Praises G20 Leaders for Commitment.’



Think Money: ‘give attention to retirement planning’

Think Money: ‘give attention to retirement planning’

Read about some new research from financial services company, Think Money, about occupational pension schemes.

Lies of Obama: Credibility or Charisma?

Lies of Obama: Credibility or Charisma?

Barack Obama has not lived up to his promises — claims of change and credibility were seemingly just shows of charisma and ego. From claims of restoring confidence in government to discussion of balanced budgets, accountability and general reform; it seems clear only now that none of this is likely to occur.