GOP Presidential Nomination 2012: Candidates

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While it seems like there is little talk about Democratic candidates for the 2012 presidential election in the United States, there is an outpouring of potential and declared candidates for the Republican primary. The following is an overview of each candidate’s policies, status and a prediction on their success. Continue reading ‘GOP Presidential Nomination 2012: Candidates.’

Greece’s Instability Could Be Spreading

The debt crisis in Greece is starting to affect the rest of the Eurozone, which could have disastrous effects not only on Europe but the world over. Italy’s fragile recovery has been put on warning from Moody’s that its’ credit rating is under review for the next 90 days. This announcement has sent risk markets spinning. The worry is that the weak Greek economy would act as a contagion and spread to other delicate economies in Europe. If Greece were to default it could spell the end of the balance that has been achieved in Italy, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. Continue reading ‘Greece’s Instability Could Be Spreading.’

The Hart-Devlin Debate

The Hart-Devlin debate is one of the most well-known arguments in legal philosophy. Named after H.L.A. Hart and Lord Patrick Devlin, the debate itself ranged over subsequent pieces of writing that spanned the 1950s and 60s.

The exchange itself is over the use of laws to enforce societal norms. The issue was raised after the Wolfenden Report was released in Britain in 1957. The report basically revolved around legalising homosexual acts (which was previously illegal) as well as prostitution. The conclusion of the committee presented in the report stated that homosexual acts between consenting adults should be legalised, as it was not the business of the law to make decisions on private moral issues. Both Devlin, a judge, and Hart, an academic, sat on the committee. However, they objected to each other’s stance and continued the debate long after the report was made and expanded it to morality and law in general rather than just about homosexuality and prostitution. Continue reading ‘The Hart-Devlin Debate.’



Think Money: ‘give attention to retirement planning’

Think Money: ‘give attention to retirement planning’

Read about some new research from financial services company, Think Money, about occupational pension schemes.

Lies of Obama: Credibility or Charisma?

Lies of Obama: Credibility or Charisma?

Barack Obama has not lived up to his promises — claims of change and credibility were seemingly just shows of charisma and ego. From claims of restoring confidence in government to discussion of balanced budgets, accountability and general reform; it seems clear only now that none of this is likely to occur.