Israel Bombs Gaza Strip

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Witnesses report bombing of several targets by the Israeli Military only hours after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert threatened a “disproportionate response,” to the firing of rockets by insurgents in the Gaza strip. “The air force has carried out several strikes across the Gaza Strip,” reported an Israeli security official in confirmation of the attack. One of the targets hit was an empty police station.

At least seven tunnels were targeted by the air strike. Israel has been targeting these tunnels as they are viewed as a security threat through which the contained Gaza population can gain access to food, water and most important in the eyes of Israel access to fresh arms. Hoda Abdel Hamid,¬†an Al Jazeera correspondent, reporting from Gaza City, said that the Israeli military had “told us this was the beginning of a new wave of raids over Gaza, but they did not elaborate any further”.

This may be the beginning of yet another offensive into the Gaza Strip, after only days of a cease fire which both Hamas and Israel declared unilaterally. The Israeli election is coming up on the 10th of February and Hamas has accused the Israeli government of using this as a “campaign stunt.”

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