Europeans Protest G20 Summit

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35,000 protesters gathered in London, England Saturday as just a small part of a European-wide demonstration demanding action on the global recession and climate changes at the upcoming meeting of the world’s strongest economies.

The Group of 20 summit is scheduled for April 2nd, where world leaders from the strongest economies will get together to discuss the economic crisis and other current political events.

15,000 citizens gathered in Berlin, Germany, many wearing propaganda saying “pay for it yourselves,” while similar demonstrations in Frankfurt, Germany spoke loud that “we will not pay for your crisis.”

Many of the protesters seem to be under the opinion that capitalism as a whole is a dead ideology, and that the global economic crisis seen under the collapse of many financial markets is indicative of what will be the end. Reform is always a hot topic during times of distress and crisis.

An alliance of more than 150 European charities and unions, known as Put People First, is taking credit for organizing the rallies.

BBC News reporters on the scene say the rallies are angry, but not tense, citing a number of quotes speaking of global reform. “An exciting alliance has been born today. We will keep up the pressure on world leaders and the UK government to address our demands and put people first,” said chairman of the Put People First coordination team.

Security at the G20 summit has been a heavy topic with the date looming closer — British defense and police forces expect to spend $10 million U.S. to ensure security.

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