Is Italy Next?

Despite being put under IMF monitoring, there is no hope for Italy to receive bail-out money. Borrowing rates are soaring in the country, and word from the G20 summit in Cannes is that there is not enough money left to bail out the large Italy economy. Italy is now operating under the watchful eye of […]

Harper Gets Tough On Drugs; Supreme Court Saves Insite

In the first weeks of Harper’s majority government the Conservative Party of Canada has started to push for it’s tough on crime legislation. The new omnibus bill would institute stricter penalties for possession and trafficking of illiict drugs. Under the proposed bill someone growing more than 201 pot plants in a rental unit would receive […]


Think Money: ‘give attention to retirement planning’

Research by financial services company Think Money indicates the level of people paying into occupational pension schemes fell by 32% between 1967 and 2010, based on ONS figures. It wants people to give attention to retirement planning and seek help with debt if they need to.

Debt management companies know more than most how tough many families are finding the current economic climate. While it’s necessary for many households all over the country to cut back, it’s just as important to identify the things we shouldn’t cut back on – such as pensions.

With life expectancy increasing, many of us will have longer retirements. Paying into a pension offers some security of a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Think Money says people who aren’t paying into pensions because of debt may find debt management puts them “in a better position to give their pension the attention it deserves and get some advice from a qualified financial adviser.”

Tensions Mount between Egypt and Israel

Tensions have mounted between Egypt and Israel over the deaths of five Egyptian security officers by an Israeli warplane. While Egypt has not announced that it is recalling its ambassador to Israel, the possibility remains despite a rare statement from the Israeli government expressing regret for the incident. [continued]


Google Set to Buy Motorola

Google has made a bid to take over Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. The deal needs to be approved by regulatory bodies in the United States, European Union and other areas, as well as by Motorola shareholders. The deal values shares at $40 each. Motorola would be administered as a separate company from Google, and license the Android platform in the same way that other companies currently do.
Motorola split into two companies earlier this year, with Mobility developing and manufacturing in the wireless industry and Motorola Solutions working on wider technologies aimed at governments and corporations. Google is only seeking to acquire the former. [continued]

Venezuela to Move Gold Home, Nationalize Industry

Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, has announced that the nation will be nationalizing its gold industry. In the statement he said that it was to crack down on illegal mining. Monitored production is at 11 tons a year, with illegal mining contributing a further 10 to 11 tons of gold, according to Chavez.

Over the past several years the country has nationalized three mining operations, and currently has only one foreign run operation, Rusoro, a Russian owned venture. Two of the previous operations were Canadian-owned and the last was American [continued]


Tightening of the European Union

America Downgraded: What Does it Mean?

Portugal Marks 10 Year Anniversary of Drug Policy

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Think Money: ‘give attention to retirement planning’

Think Money: ‘give attention to retirement planning’

Read about some new research from financial services company, Think Money, about occupational pension schemes.

Lies of Obama: Credibility or Charisma?

Lies of Obama: Credibility or Charisma?

Barack Obama has not lived up to his promises — claims of change and credibility were seemingly just shows of charisma and ego. From claims of restoring confidence in government to discussion of balanced budgets, accountability and general reform; it seems clear only now that none of this is likely to occur.

Hillary Clinton: Achievements Thus Far

Hillary Clinton: Achievements Thus Far

Recap of the travels and accomplishments of US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton since her appointment on January 21, 2009.